Lighthouse Group Limited

Our history and who we are

Lighthouse is part of Quilter plc and is a diverse group of financial advisory firms, providing financial solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs, be they individual or corporate. We operate a business model which allows advisers and firms to select whether they want to offer independent or restricted advice and be supported accordingly.

Quoted on AIM from October 2000, the Group became part of the Quilter Group, a FTSE-250 financial group, on 12 June 2019.

More than just an organisation with an esteemed reputation and a noteworthy customer base, we are profoundly interested in the security of your financial future and helping you make the most of your financial circumstances. 

We are committed to delivering expected investment outcomes for customers, within an entirely appropriate investment risk framework utilising leading research and technology tools on behalf of our clients.. Connect with a local Lighthouse adviser and you will benefit from dealing with someone who is both understanding and knowledgeable, able to assist you to achieve your personal financial goals.

Why choose Lighthouse?

Financial security is an aspiration held in high esteem, perhaps more so than wealth. With financial security comes peace of mind, more certainty for our families and others, and the space to do the things we enjoy in life. Yet, wealth is fundamental in this equation. This is why you should choose a Lighthouse financial adviser for your needs, whether personal or for your business. Below you’ll find our core strengths and specific elements why Lighthouse can help you build security, wealth and a positive outlook for the future.

Financial Strength

Personal and corporate financial services is an ever-changing market, characterised by mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, with UK and worldwide financial markets making sharp undulations, indifferent to the daily lives of working individuals.

Lighthouse has been delivering financial solutions for many years, evidencing an ability to look after our clients not just during thriving economic climates but also through more difficult times too.  Our ability to service clients is enhanced further by our being able to draw on the considerable financial strength and resources now available as part of the Quilter plc group of companies.

Strong Management Team

As part of Quilter Financial Planning, Lighthouse businesses and advisers have access to executive management with expertise and a hands-on approach over many years in the financial services industry. When you work with a Lighthouse adviser, you’re guaranteed oversight from executive directors. A shared purpose means you have more than one adviser, and more than one angle, assisting in your success.

Leading Research & Business Technology Tools

Specialised financial advisers are fundamental to working with you, developing personalised strategies based on your current financial circumstances and future goals. Lighthouse uses leading research and business technologies to assess clients’ attitudes to risk and identify appropriate financial solutions which can then be utilised to process clients’ requirements straight though IT to our associated product providers.

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