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At different points in your life, whether starting out in your career or planning for retirement, evolving circumstances may require distinct financial needs. Fortunately, with a local Lighthouse adviser prepared to work with you on an extended basis, we can continually review your finances as you confront new challenges and develop maturing financial goals. Through these sessions, we will aim to develop and adapt your financial strategies to cope with changes in life circumstances and keep your financial goals on track.

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The first few payslips of your career are quite exciting, even overwhelming with your new found independence and money in your pocket. Naturally, it’s okay to splurge at a time like this, but with greater financial individuality also comes more responsibility. Proper saving and investment strategies are invaluable when you are just starting out in your career.

Let a personal Lighthouse financial adviser help you explore options for what to do with your newfound wealth:

  • From creating intelligent saving patterns to understanding the financial markets and the benefit/risk balance in various investment options, a Lighthouse adviser can provide grounded advice marked by expert knowledge of various saving and investment pathways.
  • We can help create a comprehensive overview of your financial goals, creating a visual timeline of what it may take to meet these goals.
  • Using well-established relationships with investment providers and portfolio managers, we will explore several investment options optimised for your situation.

It is never too early to begin saving and investing properly. Let your local Lighthouse adviser open new pathways to make your money start working for you, and begin creating a stable financial base from which you can reach your most ambitious aspirations.

If you’re paying the deposit on a new house, renting an apartment, getting married, or having children, among other life circumstances, financial insecurities are bound to exist. In many cases, you may experience significant change in lifestyle as you purchase and maintain the necessities when setting up a home. It is quite normal to prepare for these circumstances by taking out a mortgage or loan and creating new strategies for greater financial security.

With a mortgage, loan, or insurance, you also have greater risks if you should lose your main source of income. As such, your Lighthouse adviser can help provide advice on how you can create protections to maintain your maturing needs.

Work toward creating a deeper sense of financial security and, therefore, peace of mind by having an experienced Lighthouse adviser help you strengthen your financial roots.

After years of working, perhaps owning property and paying your mortgage, and maybe even parenting, you may have reached what seems to be a level of financial stability and independence. However, at this stage of your life, there’s a new array of financial considerations to make, such as retirement planning, preparing to possibly cover for long-term care for ageing loved ones, and/or creating an estate that you’ll eventually want to pass onto your children.

As you reach this stage of financial maturity and independence, an experienced Lighthouse financial adviser can help with the following aspects:

  • Your personal Lighthouse adviser will diligently review the full spectrum of your assets, wealth, income, investments, and so forth. We will then prepare an overview of your current financial standing and how it relates to future goals.
  • After reviewing your needs and circumstances, we can find an insurance policy(s) designed to protect your finances in case of illness or death.
  • A specialist Lighthouse adviser experienced in long-term care will aim to insulate your wealth against financial challenges in the unfortunate event of a loved one needing long-term care.

Speak to a Lighthouse financial adviser today, and we’ll work towards setting up wise financial strategies for you and your family.

Retirement may be around the corner, but are you ready for the financial issues related to retirement? If you’re like most people, making financial decisions for retirement can be deeply intimidating. You may need to prepare your pension, structure your wealth to meet both basic needs and future goals, strengthen your retirement funds through smart investing strategies, and so on.

Through your personal Lighthouse adviser, we can provide insightful, industry leading financial advice about how you can best plan for retirement. This will include careful analysis of all your retirement options, including exploring annuity purchase or making use of the flexibility offered via Pensions Freedom to access funds differently in the quest to deliver sustainable income throughout your retirement years.

With Lighthouse, you can acquire a clear overview of your financial situation and look for new ways to either further grow your investments and savings, maintain your level of income, or make it last longer during what may well be the best years of your life.

A Lighthouse adviser will review your investments and assets with the goal of developing a practical solution designed to increase the disposable income provided by such endeavours.

Through extensive review, our Lighthouse advisers can help search for ways to protect your pensions and other assets from inefficient taxes as well as unforeseeable events.

After all those years in the workforce, your retirement should be cause for celebration. With Lighthouse, you can acquire a clear overview of your financial situation and look for new ways to either further grow your investments and savings, maintain your level of income, or make it last longer during what may well be the best years of your life.

Reaching retirement is a wonderful milestone. No longer are you burdened by the 9-5 workday, and finally you can pursue some of the dreams you previously had no time for. Yet, retirement is also unexplored territory, comprised of weighty and complex financial decisions.

From building an estate to surveying new wealth and investment solutions to provide for your children and, possibly, grandchildren, your local Lighthouse adviser is prepared to guide you through this unique period and tailor optimised financial solutions that will hopefully establish a secure, yet prosperous, retirement.

As your personal Lighthouse adviser, we’ll also examine:

  • Investment options to supplement your income
  • Estate planning and any associated trusts.

You may retire from work, but personal finance review and wealth planning is an ongoing venture. With the aid of a Lighthouse financial adviser, we can develop comprehensive solutions with the goal of further prosperity and security in your retirement.

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Important Information: The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. The value of your income from your investment can go down as well as up. Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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